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Molly's Fast Figures

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Re-Usable, Food Safe, Poseable Armatures for you Fondant Figures.

Large Fast Figure Size: 6inches (152mm) with Foam Head.

Small Fast Figure Size: 5inches (127mm) with Foam Head.

Kit comes as Large, Small or Both Sizes 

Large or Small Kit includes:

  • Fast Figure

  • 2x Easy Use Arm Wire

  • 2x Foam Head

Large and Small together Kit includes:

  • 1x Small Fast Figure

  • 1x Large Fast Figure

  • 2x Easy Use Arm Wire (small)

  • 2x Easy Use Arm Wire (Large)

  • 4x Foam Head

Molly’s Fast Figures: food safe, reusable, proportional and versatile skeletons that can be used with modelling paste, flower paste or just regular fondant. The supplied wire for the arms is inserted into the back of the figure, meaning the arms can be posed in any position. Use the small polystyrene balls as a centre for the head, meaning there is no drying time needed for the neck. Brush your Fast Figure lightly with edible glue, or simply spray with water to allow the paste to stick. 

The figures come with spikes underneath the base plate meaning the figure can be inserted directly into the cake, and removed should the customer want to keep their sweet creation once the cake has been eaten. 

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