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The Sugar Paste - Food Grade Rolling Mat

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Model and roll to perfection with the brand new THE SUGAR PASTE™ Rolling Mat! 

With this rolling mat, you can knead and roll out your sugarpaste effortlessly onto the food-grade silicone surface, without the fear of sticking and ripping. This makes covering cakes quicker and easier, or provides a comfortable surface to perfect toppers and decorations.

Not only that, the mat includes helpful accurate guides and measurements you can rely on for all your projects, giving you the precision you need to cover cakes perfectly - with measurements from 6" to 22". For example, for an 8” round, 3” tall cake, you would need to roll out your sugarpaste to a diameter of approximately 14”. The mat makes it easier than ever to get the perfect dimensions.

Also included is a guide you can easily refer to, advising you on the amount of sugarpaste needed for each sized cake tier. Please note, this is based on using THE SUGAR PASTE™ brand sugarpaste, and could differ slightly 

The mat is super versatile and can also be used for isomalt, as a baking mat for cookies, macarons and more.

✔ Non Stick
✔ Flexible
✔ Food Safe
✔ Oven Safe
✔ Dishwasher Safe

The mat measures 36” x 24”, giving you plenty of room to work with.

1. Wash mat in warm, soapy water before use and allow to dry thoroughly.
2. Set the mat on a large surface with plenty of elbow room to work on your project.
3. Knead your sugarpaste until soft as you normally would, and add colourants (if any).
4. Roll out your sugarpaste on the mat, using measurements as a guide. For an 8” round, 3” tall cake, you would need to roll out your
sugarpaste to a diameter of approximately 14”.
5. Carefully peel back the sugarpaste from the mat and drape over your cake to cover. 

The mat can handle temperatures of up to 240°c.

After use, wash and dry thoroughly before storing in the original packaging. Being soft and flexible, it can also be rolled and folded to save on storage space. 

Do NOT use a knife or other abrasive objects on this mat. We recommend using wooden or plastic tool utensils for rolling and modelling. 

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