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Online Face Making Class



During this class you will learn to create a range of faces and facial expressions.

Zoe will teach a minimum of 6 styles of Face. We will start with simple shapes and features creating basic and cutesy faces. As we work our way through the class we will begin to add further details and features to create more detailed advanced faces.

Each face will be made from scratch without the use of any moulds. Zoe will take you through what makes a face child like, adult like, more masculine and more feminine.

Please note this is a face making class and Zoe will not be showing any hair styles or body parts in this class.

This class is suitable for beginners and intermediate level modellers. The class is also  useful for anyone who is interested in developing their face making and facial expressions skills.

Learn Zoe’s techniques, tips and tricks for figure modelling, helping you create cake toppers in a time effective way. You can expect to come away from the course knowing how to create and adapt these figurines to make them individual to you. 

You will be part of a private facebook group. Here you will be able to ask questions and advice on this class and the figurines. You can watch Zoe create the Figurine as well as watching the tutorials back as often as you would like. Once purchased you will have unlimited access. 

How will the online class work?

The class will be run in a closed facebook group that you will be able to join once you have paid. There will be a link in the documentation that will be emailed to you after purchase. You will need to keep a note of your order number when joining the closed Facebook group.  

Please ensure you check your junk mail / spam mail folders for our emails.

If for any reason you have any trouble please do drop us a message.  

The class is split into 3 separate live stream videos; 2 sessions are focused on the creation of the faces and the final one a Q&A. 

Session 1 - Run time approx. 180 minutes. 

Session 2 - Run time approx. 180 minutes. 

Session 3 -  A Q&A session on anything you need to ask about making faces.

Whilst the class is initially run as live streams via Facebook they are available to purchase and watch back any time thereafter.

Do I make my faces at the same time as Zoe?
It is advised that you watch the online tutorial first then watch it again whilst making your figurines. If you wish to make them at the same time as Zoe that is ok, however Zoe cannot stop and wait for people to catch up. You may also find that if you are making it at the same time as Zoe then you may not hear or see everything Zoe is saying and doing.

Is the video mine to keep once purchased?
You can always go back and watch the tutorials at any point after the live video is over, but you will need internet access to view it. The video is not to be downloaded or shared with other people.

How will I know what I will need to create the faces?
Once purchased you will be able to join the private facebook group, where you will find a PDF document showing you the tools and equipment you will need. This will also be emailed to you once you have purchased the class.

If you prefer you can watch the Class first before deciding which materials and equipment you will need.

Can I teach others this once I've purchased the online tutorial?
No, the class is just for you to use create your own figures. You should not re-teach them to your own students or share the video tutorial with others.

Is this different to your UDEMY Faces course?

Yes it is. The faces are more advanced and the methods Zoe uses / teaches are also different. We would say that this is a more advanced Faces course when viewed in comparison to the Udemy version. 

How do I access the facebook group to see the classes?
Once purchased you will be emailed a downloadable document which will contain a link to a private facebook group, you will need to use your order number to answer the questions when requesting to join this group. We will then accept you into the group. Please note it may not be immediately as it needs to be done by one of us in person, so it can take us up to a day to approve and accept your membership into the group.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us at Zoe's Fancy Cakes.