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Zoe's Fancy Cakes - 4 legged Dino Cake Frame / Structure from online dino class

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The Internal support structure from Zoe's 4 legged dinosaur cake class is here. 
This is the same internal structure that Zoe uses in her online class and is ideal for those who are not able to make their own structure.
Not just for dinosaurs; you can also adapt your cake to create other 4 legged cake creatures that need that bit of extra support.
This structure makes 1 dinosaur from the class. Turn it into either the stegosaurus or diplodocus, it's up to you which you want to create with it.

This Structure kit comes flat packed and contains;

  • 4 pre cut rods for the legs
  • 1 pre cut rod for the diplodocus neck
  • 1 piece of aluminium armature wire for the stegosaurus
  • Foam board (which you will need to cut to size)
  • Medium size Polystyrene ball for stegosaurus
  • Wooden base board with pre drilled holes and feet
  • 20 washers
  • 20 nuts
  • 5 Clear Straws

Please note; the kit does not come with instructions, or templates these are found in the Dinosaur cake class. You will need a spanner to tighten the nuts and components, it can be done by hand, but you will not get as tight a fit this way.

These are not food safe in their current state. You should cover the rods with an item like a drinking straw (included) or hollow cake dowel to make this element food safe. There are full details of how to do this in the dinosaur class (which can be found in the online classes section of the website)

Due to size and weight of this item postage costs may be more than our standard postage rates.

If you have any questions about the cake frame please email us at;

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that whomever is given a cake using an internal structure is made aware that it is present in the cake. They can be dangerous if for example someone decides to try a cake smash with one it which is most definitely advised against! 

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