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Renshaw - Chocolate Drip Icing 120g

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Renshaw Chocolate Drip Icing-


These drip icings come in a convenient squeeze bottle with nozzles, making it super easy to add chocolate drip effects to your baked goods.

Ready to use straight from the bottle, there's no need to heat the drips up.

Drip Icing will become touch dry in 24 hours.

Each bottle contains 120g.

How to use:

  1. Prepare the cake in advance, coat with either a layer of frosting or fondant icing.
  2. Remove cap and seal. Replace the cap and ensure it is fully tightened.
  3. Turn bottle upside down and firmly squeeze onto greaseproof until product starts to flow.
  4. On the top edge of the cake start the first drip, squeeze the bottle firmly to dispense a pea size amount. Wait for a few minutes for the drip to flow to gauge its full length before moving onto the next drip.
  5. Move the bottle to where you would like your next drip and squeeze again. Alter the length of the drip by squeezing varying amounts of Icing based on the amount applied on the first drip.
  6. Continue around the cake until the drip effect is complete.
  7. Add sprinkles and decorations to the cake, being careful not to touch the drip.

Top tip: To cover the top of the cake, cut the tip of the nozzle at the first line with scissors and dispose of the plastic. Start to pipe in the centre of the cake and work towards the outer edge.

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